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Do your greatest and the right people will find you.""

— Joel Kamese

A note from Joel

In these times of great uncertainty, we are tempted to believe that this is the end for us, the end of our businesses, and the end of living a free-going life. And we forget that God has given us dominion over every living thing on Earth. So nothing meant to harm us, has control over us. For God's perfect plan for us to this day isn't to harm us, but to prosper us with a great future. Remember! no situation meant to harm you is above you. You're the GOD KIND and you'll overcome.

You have MADE ENEMIES out of people that were PLACED into your LIFE to ELEVATE YOU at a SET TIME. On the basis of W…
about 5 months ago | @Joel_Kamese

Who's Joel?

As a 28 year old Christian entrepreneur, Joel has dedicated his life to empowering start-ups through brand strategy and business development. In order to change the face of the contemporary business environment within the African continent.

Alongside his intense love for God and God’s people, he has an outstanding level of creative thinking that’s seen through his visual art projects. Such as his paintings, designs, documentary photography and archives.


“I and my team of the finest designers in the United States of America and Africa, have created a vast number of amazing products for you to purchase through my online store. Shop for yourself, your friends and your family.”

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-Wonders Without Number-

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Breaking Even

With the professional support of his team of highly experienced business strategists and creatives, Joel focuses on driving new ventures towards breaking even. And the business process re-engineering of mid-scale companies to enable their continuity in today’s uncertain world.



In 2013, Joel took me to studio for my first ever recording session. To record a spirit filled song that he composed and featured on called "Only You." Joel had this amazing song produced by one of Africa's finest music producers, Nessim Pan Production.Emmanuel Seruyange - Music Minister

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